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Webinar Do’s and Don’ts

Go-live from virtualisation to realisation of virtual connections

A person in front of a green screen in a webinar recording studio

Webinars are a flexible one-to-many engagement platform and one of our most popular online business learning solutions at SkillsTown. With post-live publishing dimensions, a webinar enables you to make a virtual connection across time zones and unique work schedules. This gives you the ability to add longevity to your connection with more people, as they watch and engage, at a time that works best for them.

It is worth making them work hard and smart for your business. Here are some tricks that we use to keep viewers engaged and to tell a story that sticks.

Get to the point

Don’t be boring. Get to the point quickly and make sure that both your slides and your story do not contain unnecessary information. The little text you do use on slides should only be a supportive element. Always ensure that your story meets your goal. Do you want to tell us how to bake an apple pie? Speak less about how delicious it is and more about the step-by-step baking process.

Interaction is all important

Your viewers have taken the time to listen to your story. Make a point of involving them throughout the webinar. Give them the opportunity to ask questions or consider use of a poll to open up engagement. We know that it is nerve-wracking having to think on your feet but don’t be afraid of taking questions – they are all valuable and can spark conversation that keeps others coming back to your next webinar. Even if a question first stumps you and you cannot answer it immediately, indicate this and come back to it later or even involve a colleague on the call who adds to the conversation.

Practice runs makes perfect

The more often you ‘dry run’ or practice your webinar, the more natural your presentation will be when you are live. Use your slides when you practice and to get a really good picture of how you will be perceived, record one of the practice sessions and include a small ‘practice panel’ whose constructive criticism helps you to brush up where it’s needed. 

Effectively market your webinar

Make sure all your hard work and preparation gets noticed! Take the time to promote your webinar. Choose a catchy title, give the target group you want to reach a heads up and communicate salient information about your webinar. Send an email out advertising it to your POPIA compliant database, create an attractive landing page or use social media to promote it.

Pick your colour of choice

Are you presenting in a studio with a green screen? Wear something bright but steer clear of green. This ensures that you are not filtered out all together when the green screen replaces the background with an image or video. Rather be on the safe side and bring a couple of different sets of clothing to the set so that – together with the webinar producer – you can see what works best.

Professionalism under pressure

During the live broadcast you want to appear professional and calm. To keep any nerves under control, it is good to do some calming physical exercise just before you start. Try some deep breathing or yoga power poses. It sounds simple but also have a glass of water handy. If you find yourself talking too fast drink some water to slow yourself down.

Record the webinar

There will always be viewers who cannot attend your webinar as it is being broadcast live. Record it and get a professional editor to provide you with a top and tail, sound edited version that can be referenced or watched at any time on your website, social media pages and digital channels. Be sure to use your webinar as a branding asset for your business.

Adequate technical operations support

No matter the size of your webinar, to make a real impact the quality needs to be outstanding. Exceptional technical support is essential and also have a moderator on hand who can help you receive, answer and select questions that come in during your presentation. This way you can fully focus on telling your story.

Having an experienced team available is imperative to help you go-live with effect. At SkillsTown we always recommend roping in a professional party which frees you up to concentrate on what you do best, which is making your most authentic connection, as you connect with other professionals in conversation about your field of work.

At SkillsTown we help organisations and their employees to move with the continuously changing world around them. With our online academy, you can make and manage unique online training programmes, including popular learning formats such as webinars.

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