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The online educator for professionals.

With our innovative online learning platform, we help you to get the best out of your organisation and employees.

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Discover the benefits

Using our innovative statistical support services we can maintain a learning activity among employees of between 60% and 80%.

Getting employees to develop themselves can be a challenge. That's why our platform is fully customisable: your employees will immediately recognize it!

We won't surprise you with unexpected costs. Employees can make unlimited use of the online courses for one fixed amount per employee per month.

Our built-in learning management system (LMS) provides you with useful insights and statistics, allowing you to continually monitor progress and pivot when and where necessary.

Experience the benefits yourself

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What our clients have to say

Who better to explain the advantages of our online learning platform than the people who use it on a daily basis?

Avans University of Applied Sciences
"SkillsTown offers an incredibly broad range of learning solutions. That's one of the things I find so attractive. It allows students to follow a very wide range of e-learning courses."
Judith Herrewijn
"We chose SkillsTown because of their proven expertise in new forms of learning, user friendliness and practical approach."
Dorien Krassenberg
Goossens wonen & slapen
"I really think SkillsTown suits every industry. The environment is super user friendly and thanks to the personalisation employees really get the feeling that they are learning in your own organisation."
Raquel Vos
Foundation "Primo Schiedam"
"We were looking for a partner to further shape our academy and are very satisfied with SkillsTown. In addition to the standard offer, the added value for us lies in developing our own online content. A nice addition to our academy."
Nichola Capel
Aloysius Foundation
"You can tell that SkillsTown finds education and development important. This suits us very well. It's really a case of co-creation."
Patricia van Oosten-Brijbag

Experience the benefits yourself

Let your employees decide 
they learn

Everyone learns differently. That's why with our platform, your employees can choose the learning solution that suits them best!

Frequently asked questions

An online learning platform is a digital learning environment in which online training courses are offered. In this way, knowledge can be made available in one central place. Employees can log in with their personal account and make use of the available training courses at any time and via any device. Our online learning platform can be fully personalised to the corporate identity of your organisation. In addition, it is possible to view the learning statistics of your employees on the platform, and to use this to plot their skills development journey going forward.

If you want to get started with SkillsTown’s online learning platform, we’ll set it up together. First we’ll discuss your organisation’s goals for employee training. As soon as the objectives are clear, we will set up the platform together. As soon as this meets your requirements, we will determine the moment of launch together. You can use our tools to bring the online learning platform to the attention of employees. After the launch, SkillsTown will stay in active contact to ensure that the learning activity within the online learning environment remains as high as possible.

We don’t surprise our customers with any unexpected costs, and pride ourselves on our cost-effective subscription based model. Depending on your organisation’s needs we have a number of different packages available. Please contact us directly to learn more. Request a demo to get in touch.

Yes! The SkillsTown learning platform enables you to add your own content in many different ways, either using our software or integrating existing e-learning content using LTI or Scorm.

We do this together with you. Our team of implementation consultants will be involved from start to finish in implementing, launching and activating the online learning platform for your organisation. We ensure that employees remain curious and engaged when interacting with the platform. Together with you, we pick and choose the most suitable and interesting content for your employees, ensure that special surprises are included and give you tips on how to get the best out from your learning experience.

Employees have standard access to more than 100 training courses through the SkillsTown learning platform. Depending on the type of training and content, knowledge is tested at the end of a course with an exam. When this exam is completed successfully, the user receives a certificate.

If you already use a learning platform, you can easily switch to SkillsTown. Our experts will guide you through this process.

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