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Service Level Agreement

In this Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) the services are agreed between the SkillsTown SA and its users. It also describes the service levels provided by SkillsTown for the benefit of the service to the users. Qualitative and quantitative agreements with regard to the service are provided and the maintenance of the service are recorded.
The service levels consist of a definition of indicators that are important to the user with a view to (the quality of) its business operations. The relevant indicators can be measured and influenced by SkillsTown.
An associated standard has been included for each indicator. These standards are the measurable criteria that must be met to guarantee the service level.
SkillsTown is responsible for maintaining the SLA and is responsible for processing all changes approved by both parties.
Any confidential information or any personal information received from a user and stored by SkillsTown will at all times be treated in strict confidence by SkillsTown and in terms of SkillsTown’s Privacy Policy.
The availability of the website and the underlying technical components is 99%, measured over the last month. Availability is measured 24/7. Decommissioning for scheduled maintenance is not taken into account when measuring availability.
The availability of the web service and underlying services is checked 24/7.
Response time is understood to mean: from the moment of receipt of a web service request until the moment of answering this request. Both times measured from the SkillsTown network.
The mean response time of the learning solution is 0.5 second. 99.8% of the requests are processed within 1 second.
Notifications from the user with priority of 1 to 4 (see table below) may be reported on working days between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm and are registered with SkillsTown. Priority 1 malfunctions and (imminent) data leaks can be reported at any time (outside the opening times of the Service Desk).
Disruptions are handled according to the KPIs listed below.
Response time is understood to mean the time required to provide the person submitting the notification with initial feedback. Resolution time refers to the time it takes for a workaround to be applied, which minimizes the impact on users.
Response time
(norm = 90%)
Dissolution time (norm = 80%)
1 – Urgent
Critical disruptions with serious consequences for all users.
4 hours
1 working day
2 – High
Disruptions with serious consequences for several users.
1 working day
2 working days
3 – Middle
Disruptions with limited consequences for several users.
2 working days
3 working days
4 – Low
Disruptions with limited consequences for an individual user.
3 working days
SkillsTown will provide backup and restore of the service:
RPO (recovery point objective) = 24 hours
RTO (recovery time objective) = 48 hours
A full backup of the software and content is made every night. A database dump is also created and included. This backup is sent to an off-site location.
Copies of the backup for several days are kept at the off-site location.
SkillsTown will take sufficient and appropriate technical and organizational measures, including in any case the measures mentioned in the ISO27001 or equivalent standard, to protect against loss or against any form of unlawful processing (such as unauthorized access, damage, modification or provision of the personal data) of personal data.
Emergency interventions, for example as a result of security leaks, can be performed at any time. Emergency bars are treated as a priority 1 incident.
Adjustments that affect the interfaces between SkillsTown and the user will be communicated well inadvance. Adjustments of this nature require a minimum of 3 working days of planned maintenance to resolve. SkillsTown strives to have maintenance take place outside of normal office hours, where possible.
Corrective, preventive and perfective maintenance are covered by this SLA.