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SkillsTown SA and The Learning Organisation partner to bring about a revitalised training and SETA offering

In a new deal, professional learning platform SkillsTown South Africa and The Learning Organisation (TLO) have come together to offer companies more than just SETA accredited training.

SkillsTown is the largest professional learning platform in the Netherlands. It’s been adapted for the local market, giving all employees of an organisation access to over one hundred online learning modules, anytime, anywhere.

SkillsTown SA and TLO have brokered a five-year deal, which sees a portion of TLO’s SETA content added to the SkillsTown platform. This means that through a cost-effective subscription-type model, future clients of both organisations will have the opportunity to access SkillsTown’s core content, as well as an ever growing number of TLO’s most popular SETA accredited short courses.

A natural partnership

According to Kevin Hardy, MD of SkillsTown South Africa, the SkillsTown – TLO collaboration is a complementary fit.
The Learning Organisation is dedicated to the empowerment, growth and upliftment of local communities by creating sustainable employment and self-employment opportunities through continuous learning. It offers a variety of accredited IT and business qualifications, learnerships, skills programmes and short courses, ranging from NQF 1 – 5 in various fields. As such, TLO is able to customise programmes to meet industry and client specific needs, irrespective of the sector in which they operate.

By partnering with SkillsTown, we’ve gained access to a proven platform that allows us to deliver our training products to a broader market in a completely safe, online environment

For corporates looking to maximise their Skills Development spend, TLO is an independent service provider specialising in the entire employee development space, including B-BBEE and employment equity and education. It is currently accredited across 9 different SETA’s including Services SETA, MICT SETA, W&R SETA, MERSETA, ETDP SETA, ICB, FASSET, BANKSETA and LG SETA, and has a range of 40+ full qualifications and over 300 short courses which customers can choose from.
“To be relevant today, it’s essential that SkillsTown offers SETA accredited courses so that our clients have the option to claim back their Skills Development spend,” says Hardy. “From the moment we met, I could see how passionate the TLO team was about helping their customers navigate and plan their Skills Development initiatives. The Learning Organisation is a leading innovator and moderniser of the SETA training space, and we are excited to partner with them to deliver a new learning experience for our joint customers.”

The new way of learning

TLO has been on a digital transformation drive since 2018, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and its profound effect on life and the training and development space in particular.
“Since lockdown, our face-to-face training has been largely replaced by virtual or blended online learning,” says Robyn Sinclair, MD at TLO. “We believe this will continue in line with global digital transformation trends and new learning strategies, that estimate that only 20% of clients will return to face-to-face training.”
e-Learning also reaches a wider audience, irrespective of a learner’s physical location or circumstances. Furthermore, companies have to embrace technological change in order to remain competitive and to ensure that their employees can upskill themselves and remain relevant in the new economy – as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible within the B-BBEE framework.
Person with laptop showing the online learning platform

According to Sinclair, the SkillsTown platform will enable TLO to deliver a state-of-the art learning experience to all of its clients and learners more effectively than ever before. “We’ll have the functionality to drive learner engagement and enjoyment to higher levels, with a corresponding increase in the efficacy of learning. Better reporting and analytics will support learners that require extra attention, and it’ll be easy for management to identify the top performers of their organisations.”

She adds: “Our mission is ‘Growing People, Building Talent and Creating Leaders’. What better way to do this than by making learning available to everyone in an organisation? By partnering with SkillsTown, we’ve gained access to a proven platform that allows us to deliver our training products to a broader market in a completely safe, online environment, while maintaining and improving on the learning experience that we offer to our clients.”

Through on demand learning SkillsTown enables companies, organisations and their employees to move with the continuously changing world around them. By offering hundreds of online training courses in different learning formats, SkillsTown responds to new and individual ways of learning in every stage of life of organisation and employee. The aim is to increase knowledge and skills, stimulate the ability to change and contribute to being an attractive employer.

We would love to tell you more about the benefits of our platform for your organisation during a free online demonstration!